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About us

Green Army believes that the survival of mankind depends on a psychic shift in our perception of nature, and that our relationship with the environment needs a drastic overhaul.  

We are not politically affiliated and do not support or condone any political candidates, but we are progressive by nature.  All of our 2020 Election products were made out of humor. If you object to the nature of them, or want to express your displeasure with our take on candidates, feel free to voice those opinions here.

On the surface, Green Army is all about great products and ease of purchase.  We want our customers to have a great experience on the site. We currently are using a third party to print our designs and ship our apparel. The company is called TeeLaunch.   

Our founder’s family tree includes Children of the Revolution.  We believe in the Ideal of America and the American Dream, and therefore find it in the best interest of our ethos and our nation to defend or support those who’s freedoms are threatened.  This form of support is reflected in the charities we support, and those charities are subject to change.  

We also believe in manufacturing in the USA.  Currently, our men's line is manufactured in the US, however we are in the process of finding local/domestic partners, or companies whose vision reflect our own. 

Our goal is 100% transparency.  Being transparent in this age of social media, trolling and phishing is of the utmost importance to us.  What transparency means to us is that any question you might have about our products, manufacturing of garments, where our donations go to, what our goals are as a brand , and our shipping and return policies are available to you anytime you need them.

If you have a cool design that fits our aesthetic or is in our wheelhouse, contact us and we’ll consider it for our site. 

In 2020, Green Army will introduce a new brand dedicated to using environmentally and ethically sourced materials to create great quality, yet affordable, clothing for men, women and kids.  What sets us apart is that 15% of proceeds from this brand will be donated to funding the cleanup ocean plastics. The brand is called “Plastic Shores Apparel”, or PSA for short.